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The quviver arrived today and I just opened the package - it is awsome, absolutely gorgeous and it smells great too.

I am very happy that I have ordered it from younand notbsomewhere else. Thanks for providing such great quality.

Now I just have to learn using a back quiver.... have never one used before...

Thanks again and best regards,


just have to learn using a back quiver.... have never one used before...

Liz & Keith Stay - Feb 2016

bows look superb . Hello to all the Sagittarius members ......Liz & Keith

New Bow

What a professional looking website! Not surprising though matches the quality of Rod Harris beautifully made, hand crafted bows and the Team Sagittarius persona. Well impressed!! Derek & Vanessa Manchester

New Quiver

Just a quick note on my new Quiver from Rod and the team - great service, great product . I have been using Hill style bows and quivers for 30 years , Rods version of the Hills style quiver is a beautifully made piece of kit that has great innovative additions that will see it getting a bunch if use from me over the coming years .... Thanks Rod.

Derek Manchester

Just a great big thanks to Rod for making me a fantastic new bow, tried it out last Sunday it shot really well unlike the archer, it looks fantastic cant wait to get it back with all the finishing touches done, thanks mate quality job. Derek Manchester.

Alex Stagg

I can't express how happy I am to get my hands on a brand new Team Sagittarius flat bow, and what a beautiful piece of work it is! That you very much Team Sagittarius! I can't wait to take it out on a shoot! Many thanks, Alex Stagg

Derek Manchester

just to let you all know that not only does Rod make quality bows, His just made me a quiver and bracer that Vanessa got me for my birthday these are equally fantastic quality, thanks mate really top job.

Jerry Hill

Hello my friends of the longbow. I am very proud to be included among great archers as yourself. My only regret is I cannot salute all of you personally with the sign of crossed longbows. You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful archer and bowyer as Rex Oakes in you ranks. He is a longtime friend of my own, and I admire him and his work highly. Looking forward to supporting your organization as much as I can. Long live the Longbow.JERRY HILL........

These are the sweetest shooting bows I have had the privilege & pleasure to shoot & own. Rod Harris is a fantastic Bowyer. I would highly recommend getting your hands on one if you like flatbows, especially if you like Howard Hill style bows.


I have admired Team Sagittarius quivers for a long time, and eventually decided that I must have one. After speaking to Rod Harris he agreed to make me the TS Hunter Quiver. To say that I am pleased is an understatement, the quality and choice of the leather used is superb: the design craftsmanship are beautifully made. I requested the finished quiver to be posted to me; the thought and care in packaging was to the same quality and standard that went into making the quiver. If you want a back quiver to last then this it the one to go for. Jeremy

Steve Forrest

A very big thank you Rod and Sharon for putting on a fantastic shoot! I cannot thank you enough for leading me on my field archery journey with one of your stunning bows. Your help and support getting me into this great sport is second to none. Thank you so much Steve Forrest

Thomas Lamont - Scotland

A thousand mile round trip to collect my bow from rod thats how good they are i was beyond words as to the quality of workmanship it was flawless thank you team sagittarius for producing the bow of my dreams all you flatbow fans do not hesitate to order a wonderful bow that will last and give many years of service i will be a customer in the future and will recommend rod to all my fellow archers thank you and your lovely wife for hosting me, best wishes, tom lamont dundee scotland.

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